Goat Application

Producers must register their goats to enter the auction.

Spanish Goat Auction

Welcome to the wonderful world of Spanish goats. We as producers are coming together for the first ever Spanish Goat Auction. The auction will be live using video footage of Spanish goats on the premises.  All bids will start at $300.00, no goat will be sold for less through the auction. Producers will need to fill an application for their goats and provide data on the goats to Verify Spanish, a full side view photo and video of the goat in motion, as well as ear tagged and provide a Vet Health certificate upon arrival. All goats will be examined once they arrive on the ranch to ensure they are healthy. Any goat not meeting basic health standards ~ eye score of minimum 3, body condition minimum of 3, pelleted poop, and decent feet (no roll over/under, or infection/sores), and no apparent CL or parasite infestation on skin ~ will not be unloaded for auction. They will remain on the trailer and may be sold privately.

Bid Registration

Buyers must register to receive a bidder number. If you completed a Event Registration Form then you do not have to complete a Bid Registration.

Join the Spanish Goat Association,Speakers and Breeders for an Event to Remember with Spanish Goats!

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Spanish Goat Gathering

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